Round 3..

Hi everyone…
I’m new to the forum but not new to caring. I was a young (child) carer from the age of 5 to 15, and then a carer in my 20s to my grandmother who died of vascular dementia.
I have recently became a carer again, to my mother in law, who has moved in with me, and is rapidly deterating. Her mood swings are becoming very severe and she is struggling to cope with the changes. She has had a lot of loss and bereavement in the past few years, and I think the whole thing has triggered her decline.
My partner works full time and can be reluctant to even take us food shopping, everything is a massive rush and he wants things done yesterday. He treats his mother like a child and won’t even so much as allow her to open a car door on the side of traffic coming (which she’s more then capable of doing) he doesn’t realise that things take a little bit longer due to his mum’s illnesses …Ive trued asking him to just be patient and allow her time for her to catch up. I understand he works full time, but just a lift to the shops would be a massive help. We are awaiting a disability car so I’m hoping this will give us some independence.
We have all social assessments, caring assessments, money etc in place already, I guess that’s all from experiance. I just wonder why, why I find my self in this situation again… knowing what’s going to happen is scaring me more then going in blind like my grandmother. I find myself already grieving and my mother in law is not even in her late stages yet…I’m tired and I’ve only just began this journey again. I know I’m putting my life on hold again, i try to have a break, but then my partner wants to spend time with me, he even sat on the loo whilst I had a bath the other night. There’s always a reason why I can’t go and do something woth friends and I guess I just kinda feel trapped again. My mother in Law won’t attend anything wothout me glued to her side and won’t have any carers etc on the house.
Sorry for the rambling. :silly: :silly: :silly:

Hi Vickie,
It sounds like you are pretty clued up and have done all the ‘basics’. Knowing what you were in for why did you agree to have MIL come live with you? That question is not meant to be critical just wondered whose idea it was?
MIL cannot refuse to have carers come into YOUR home.
Your husband is very wrong in refusing to help you look after HIS mother. It’s not your responsibility and you do not have to do it.
What do you suspect or know( diagnosis) is wrong with MIL? Is it old age, dementia, a combination of moving etc?
What is the consensus between you and your husband? Do you think a Care Home is a possibility? Maybe assisted living?
Do you work/have a job?
Where did MIL live before? Has she more than £23,000.00 at her disposal?
It’s not fair that you should sacrifice any more of your life and well being. Maybe hubby agrees?
I think stern words with both are needed.

So your husband has dumped his mum in your home and expects you to care for her until she dies?!?!


I think you need to have a “Her or Me” conversation. You deserve better than this and he is your husband, if he thinks your role is just that of slave then escape! (Sorry, my feathers have been ruffled today!)

My only tip is to practice being assertive. Stand up and say no. Be confident.


How are you today?