Stressed and frazzled!

Hi all, I’ve been a carer for the last 14 years for my daughter who has severe mental health problems. She’s 29 now and has a one year old daughter. I work as a support worker but had to give up work for a while to care for my daughter full time. We all share a house. I’m exhausted and broke. No support from mental health services for myself EVER. Was promised a carer’s assessment over 6 months ago. Everytime I rang, was told ‘someone will ring you back’. No-one ever did. I’m too tired to keep fighting, fighting, fighting all the time.
Gonna go back to work part-time to save my sanity and need the money. Was supposed to Carers Allowance, never received.
Anyways, good to know there is support and understanding here xxx

Hi Jane, I understand your situation it is very hard to get the support you need, I work full time and am so tired all of the time, I am surprise you have not had more replies take care xx :slight_smile:

I didn’t see this when it was first posted. Perhaps there was a glitch in the system. My constant complaint, too many battles. About a year ago it was being highlighted as Carers’ biggest problem. For the moment it’s been eclipsed by money problems but by no means has it gone away. You are definitely not alone. I certainly find it the hardest part of being a carer and so much of it is so unnecessary. I’m never quite sure how much is incompetence and how much more deliberate. I definitely favour the conspiracy theory a lot of the time. My earlier post about feeling like I’ve woken up in a horror film version of Alice in Wonderland springs to mind again.