Misinformation ambulance

hi i was feeling unwell yesterday my bottom lip went blue and pain around left shoulder , contacted dr surgery after talking to them they advised that they could not do a assessment over the phone and we are still in isolation so dr surgey advise was a ambulance , when they arrived they done all checks to find nothing serious wrong but we explained that we have reg under the goverment vulnerability list and was advised to stay in by dr surgery and hospital and like everyone else trouble getting food the ambulance response was to go and get your food your self all though we have under line conditions that meet the goverments guidence … all though no post for 3 days so what advice do you go by !

Hi Dean,

I’m sorry to hear that you were unwell. I’m glad to hear that it was nothing serious, but I can imagine it must have been quite frightening.

In regards to getting food, there are local voluntary groups that may be able to help in practical ways, for example with home deliveries. See https://covidmutualaid.org/local-groups/ and GoodGym | Missions as well as trusted groups on social media. Make sure that these are legitimate though.

Alternatively, do you have a neighbour/friend/ family member that you can call? They can always just leave the shopping at your front door.

Also, a helpline has also been set up for those who are struggling to get the supplies and support they need – call 0800 028 8327.

thanks for your reply like a lot of people we feel cut off eg shopping, befriending , support etc when i spoke to adult social care this morning they was advised from our dr surgery that we had to stay in for 12 weeks due to our conditions but we was not informed by goverment or anyone else … like everyone worrying over cronovirus and how to stay safe there not alot about mental illness and how it will affect them i am very concerned for my wife who has bipolar disorder and reacts to change … all though i contact mental health there is not alot in the way of support