Am I still a carer? Mother in home now

Am I still a carer mother in a home now?

Nearby which is good. Well looked after there. She seems a bit bewildered as to why she is there. Wants to go home she is not keen on just sitting, reading magazines I said make sure you walk about.

My uncle thought she seemed much better since when he last saw her, about 3 weeks before, I thought so too, brighter in her face. They are keeping her clothes clean, which mum and I found hard (with her prolapse. )

The Home manager told me the other day, she needs personal care, 24/7. Not much chance of going home…

She has a rectal prolapse and bipolar v
Undergoing a social care assessment, she does own her own house.

Hi Louisa
When my late husband needed 24/7 care I considered myself a care manager ( after advice from the forum) Checked on his well being, his needs, and care. A few times it was needed, is , not cutting up his meat when he only had the use of one hand, his favourite throws used by other residents keeping an eye on his clothing. I feel you will want to do this too when possible. Took Hubby a while to settle. He had vascular dementia, strokes and other issues.

Louisa, make sure you read up about NHS Continuing Healthcare, which would be entirely FREE, but it’s a postcode lottery I’m afraid. Look for the CHC Framework on the internet. Definitely still a carer in many ways, my mum needed different support once in residential care. New nighties, magazines, books, fresh flower, favourite talc etc. etc.

Hi. I am experiencing similar to you. Mum went for emergency respite nearly 3 weeks ago and it doesn’t look like she can cope going back to flat.
When I asked the home how the assessment was progressing I was shocked to learn that they had not heard from social worker.
Mum doesn’t ask about going home. She does get upset when I visit
it’s a different type of caring now