Caring for Mother

If I move in with my mum will she still be entitled to her carers coming in four times a day?

Yes. Don’t move in or you will regret it forever!

Hi Lesley … welcome to the canteen.

Almost impossible to answer without knowing the full circumstances.

Outside carers ?

As a result of a Needs Assessment carried out by her local LA ?

Privately contracted ?

Yourself … moving in … as a daughter or as a carer ?

Further considerations down the line … housing.

Owner occupied / tenant … social or BTL ?

If social , any problems with " Succession " in the future ?

Mother’s health … deteriating … possibility of a care home down the line ?

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … a possible factor here ?

Income / savings … details in case they become a factor in the bigger picture ?

All benefits being claimed ?

Power of Attorney / wills … done ?

Just a few thoughts that arise from what started out as a very simple question.

Nothing is ever " Simple " in our world … CarerLand.

Hi Lesley,
Yes she should still be able to have her care visits, although social services might hope you will take over the care, you would need to stand your ground and say you are not prepared to do the tasks they do.

If you do move in with your Mum, then keep your own home too. It is very easy to find yourself homeless when your caring role comes to a natural end.

Others have direct experience of this and complications arising from it.


I moved back from the US to look after mum, and keep an eye on the carers. Mum had 2 carers, 4 times daily.

I moved in with my mother so that she could come home (from hospital, due to having a fall at home). She was fine for a while but slowly became less mobile and had to have 2 carers four times a day.

She was self funding but would have soon been on the state as her savings were running low. She died in January. It was VERY tough being a lone carer even with all the help from the professiinals. I only had 3 hours off a week. A recipe for stress.

Hope things go well with you and your mum. I am truely glad I had that time with her but had no iidea just how stressful it would be.

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