Am I also classed as a carer

Hi. Looking at filling in some forms and I need to know if I can put on the forms that I am a carer for my wife although she has carers 4 times a day supplied by social services. My wife needs assistance throughout the day to move about the house.

Forms are asking if I am a carer for my wife, I believe I am but does the fact that she has carers supplied and paid for 3 or 4 times a day by social services say that I am not.

Hope for some correct info

Hi Anthony,
if you are also supporting your wife then yes you are a carer. Care doesn’t just mean personal care, it also covers things such as mobility support, emotional support, help with finances, food preparation/shopping, etc etc

To claim Carers Allowance you need to be providing 35 hours care or more a week. You can read more here Carer's Allowance | Carers UK


Most definitely a carer. After all you are “on duty/alert” all the time. Who else is she going to call when her carers are not there?

Melly1 and bowlingbun, thank you both very much. I had an idea I was right just needed someone with more knowledge than me confirming it. Money wise I dont think I will get anything but might help in trying to get any other benefit.
Thank you

You will not be required to “look for work”.

Ditto you are a carer …

Do a calculation to see if you qualify for any other help.

What age are you?