Am I a carer?

Hi. My mum is full time carer for my Dad and I am now going to be giving her respite one day a week. Does this make me a carer? And is there any benefit to this being recorded anywhere? I am trying to get LPAs in place should mum become unable to look after him for whatever reason but I wondered if being a secondary official carer would make it easier to have a say in emergency medical situations for example. I am not asking about the financial benefits as Mum already has all those in place already. Thanks.

Yes, definitely a carer, as caring is having a significant effect on your own life.
Mum is lucky to have your support.
Maybe mum and dad should both add you to their Powers of Attorney?
How old are your parents?
My mum was very disabled, housebound for many years. Then dad developed prostate cancer and she became his carer! They finally had a needs assessment just before dad went into the hospice for the last time, so never had any practical help at all from Social Services, although they both qualified.
Make sure mum and dad understand that there are various things that SSD may be able to help them with?

Thank you. Hearing it called a significant impact on my life - whilst far less than many others- was reassuring and accurate. It sounds like you’ve had a really challenging time and thank you for sharing it with me. Yes trying to get the LPAs done. The suggestion of social service involvement was refused but I have planted the seed if needed for the future. Thanks again.

Social Services can provide FREE aids to make getting around easier, adjustable beds, bathing aids, Lifeline pendants, all sorts of things to make caring easier.

Yes, you are a carer.
As for social services, as BB says, they can be helpful. Maybe try the argument that it is worth having a discussion with them to see what help they could offer - then you can refuse it all, but it makes sense to get information before saying no.