Alfred Hitchcock's lockdown dental services

After waiting during the whole lockdown for my tooth to be extracted, it finally happened, yesterday.
So I arrived, at the newly opened dental surgery at 9.45 am, ready for my 10 O’Clock appointment. I had to wait outside for 20 minutes. At 10.05 I was asked in, had my temperature taken with a ‘gun’. It was 35.1, so okay to go into the dentist.
Told to lay down, X-Ray done and injections are done. Before my tooth was properly numb…it was yanked out…it hurt but I was out of the surgery by 10.10 am, having just experienced the new ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s lockdown’ dental services. :laughing:

Blimey!! They could have waited for the anaesthetic to work. At least it’s finally out, hope it heals quick.


Hiya Melly, It really hurt. I just couldn’t believe in 5 mins, I had been temperature tested, the tooth had been X-Rayed, then I was injected twice and the next minute it was out…A wisdom tooth that is! I was out the door in 5 minutes total. It is healing well though and no pain whatsoever…only pain was when it was taken out.

Someone is lucky one, my wisdom tooth was pulled out for 40 minutes with terrible pain, I still feel some tremor thinking about it