10 Days in Hospital Bad Experience

I became very ill, i went to A&E and was admitted and taken up to a ward.

There started a nightmare, i was left for 2 days just no idea what was happening, finally i was checked out and treatment started.

The hospital was very noisy night time, nurses banging closed doors, talking loudly, I could hear every word.

And there were patients very unwell needing a lot of night care, lights switched on.

Going around waking people up check their blood pressure 3am.

Waking up a poor man with dementia to give him tablets at 6am, does he really need the tablet at 6am?

I was ill but exhausted from lack of sleep.

No help with sleeping, sleeping tablets were offered.

And patients calling for help, pressing their buttons but no one answered, 2 night staff for 27 patients.

I suffer from fibromyalgia, i wake up stiff and in pain, but was not getting my pain killers for hours.

Other patients in severe pain, repeatedly asking for painkillers, 2 hours went past until they got some.

I was fairly well in comparison i could manage to get to the toilet but others just couldn’t.

Lets just say there were a lot of wet beds.

An absolute nightmare, the same issues as when my friend went to hospital, we did complain, the hospital promised to listen and sort it out.

They didn’t basically.

Not all their fault though the Covid virus has put severe strain on the hospital, staff shortages etc.

I was discharged and told to contact my GP for follow up treatment, the GP just had no appointments, try next week they said.

Lucky i have family to help look after me , many don’t.

The nurses and all staff did go the extra mile, did everything they could but there just wasn’t enough staff there.

I am still ill, been promised support but again have received none.

There just was nothing done about i am an unpaid carer, again luckily family looked after my disabled wife.


sounds a dreadful experience. I hope you are able to get some rest in between helping your wife, and start to feel better soon.

I must say though it’s not just down to Covid; when S and I have been in hospital in the past there weren’t enough staff then either. Patients waiting for pain relief, to be taken to the toilet etc One very ill patient needing a drip reinserting died before the on call doctor was able to attend. Nurses/care staff turning overhead lights on to carry out checks on patients. S only had one real pillow, his other pillow was a folded blanket in a pillow case! A bowl of urine stayed on the window ledge in the toilet as it was no one’s job to deal with (stinking out the toilet in the sun) until I tipped it away. I could go on …