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Mum needs her dentures repaired. When I took them to the dentist the receptionist said they cannot be repaired until a new impression is taken. It is so difficult to get mum to the dentist I asked for a home visit but the dentist does not do home visits. I started phoning round to check if an nhs dentist was available to do a home visit (Cardiff, South Wales) but 4 phone calls later (runaround) I still don’t know. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks

Hi Just ThisGuy.

Best I can offer through an Internet search :

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board … might be able to assist ?

Direct link for " Dental Services " :

Thanks - I’ve tried them but, if nothing else comes out in the wash, I will certainly try again

20-1 shot.

AGE UK ( Wales ) … 23 pages in .pdf format :

I’m willing to bet that they know of one ?

( DWP issues … now resolved … satisfactory ? )

There should be a Special Needs Dental Service or similar. Ring the CCCG and ask what is available.

I ended going back to UHW for ULHB and was put through to the dental school who advised me to contact the community dental team for my area (giving me the number) and I am waiting for them to return my call…

Thanks everyone

Your welcome.


My partner’s going to the special needs dental service for the first time on Monday. You obviously know something about them. He goes to a local dentist for check ups and dental hygienist appointments but last time he had a tooth extracted he ended up in hospital with what, with hindsight, looks like undiagnosed adrenal insufficiency, which has since been diagnosed.

Any info on the service would be helpful. Seems like it’s not free even for over 60s.


I’m near Southampton.
I’ve had two extractions in hospital (my teeth are incredibly difficult to take out due to inherited problems!) and as they were done in hospital, no charge.
My son with learning difficulties had two teeth out at the same place, again, no charge.
He sees the “Community Dentist” part of the Special Needs Service, again, no charge, but he’s on Income Support so I can’t say if that’s why he doesn’t pay.
My mum was housebound, so she had the same dentist as my son, not sure if she paid.
That’s about all I can tell you I’m afraid.

Dental costs ?

NHS … full sp :

How much will I pay for NHS dental treatment? - NHS


Qualifying for free dental treatment

You can get free dental care if you’re :

under 18 years old.

under 19 years old in full-time education.

pregnant or gave birth within the last 12 months.

staying in an NHS hospital and a hospital dentist carries out your treatment.

a NHS dental outpatient – although some work may still require a fee.

If you or your partner or civil partner receive one of the following, you’ll also get free NHS dental treatment. If you’re under 20 years old and the dependant of someone receiving one of the below, you’ll also get free treatment:

Income Support.

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance.

Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.

Universal Credit and meet the required eligibility.

In Wales, dental examinations are also free if:

You’re under 25 years old.

You’re 60 years old or more.

Find out more on the website.

NHS exemption certificates

You may be eligible for a variety of NHS certificates, but only some will give you free NHS dental treatment.

Those are :

NHS tax credit exemption certificate.

The NHS tax credit exemption certificate qualifies you for free NHS dentist work.

To be eligible your household income needs to be £15,276 or less, and you have to be receiving Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit paid together, or Working Tax Credit including the disability or severe disability element.

Find out more and check your eligibility for the NHS tax credit exemption certificate

Thanks BB but I was actually more interested in your personal experiences of what the place and the people are like, the cost bit was more by way of an aside.

They are wonderful! The dentists allow more time per patient. It seems I spend my life doing battle with everyone, but my son with LD has had injections and fillings quite happily, no problem at all

Thanks BB, that’s reassuring. You’d have trouble getting me to have an injection. Nice to know not to expect a battle. Just the practical difficulty of deciding whether to risk taking offending tooth out now or risk having to get it done urgently and with less planning later. Weigh a doubt against a certainty… and then go with your joint gut instinct, I reckon. Of course the waiting lists may solve the problem by delaying until it becomes urgent anyway.

So we went to the special care dental service today and as BB says they are lovely but they weren’t the appropriate place for P to have been referred to so they are going to refer him on to a hospital dental department which will take several more months. I think we are going to end up having no choice by the time he finally gets seen by the right people. Now effectively paid for two check ups in two weeks. Can’t really believe neither being over 60 nor having a medical (prescription charge) exemption certificate stops you having to pay for NHS dentistry in England.

I’m so sorry for your mother. You can ask a friend to help you in your case or I can recommend a great dentist and you can call him and ask if he does home visits.

JustThisguy posted about his Mum’s broken dentures in May 2019. I’m sure they are now fixed.

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