Advise Please

Hello ,I am a carer for my Hubby,but we have to have a care Agency, who are great,but we have a problem in that one of the carers is a male carer,& neither my hubby or myself like him.His level of English isn’t very good at all.An e.g. when he arrived last weekend ,to help out I said to him,that my hubby had cancer,& he thought we met cancel the call.I have tried to explain to this agency that my hubby is deaf & severely sighted in both eyes, & has cancer.Then the regular carer was rather rude this evening & said it’s a law that Social services have brought in that if a man arrives it’s put up & shut up!! Please advise regards Amanda h

Hi Amandah,
The regular care worker is incorrect, how rude.

If a care worker is not suitable then you have a right to ask for a different one. Contact the agency manager and explain why the male care worker is unsuitable e.g. poor understanding of English, not understanding your husband’s conditions etc