My mother is 82 her partners the same age.
They have been together twenty yrs but mum has grown to hate him, he is a nasty controlling person and he is getting worse.Afew months ago mum had a breakdown due to his ways , I applied to the council for him a flat to move into as mum said she no longer wanted to be with him, he treats her like a slave and she has heart failure herself.
He is nasty dirty comments for her , verbally and emotionally abusive towards her and controls her every move.
Today a letter arrived for him with the offer of a flat , he is now refusing to leave and mum is having anxiety attacks again.
I am 62 and have severe health problems myself due to strokes, colitis and other issues.
I’m just at a loss now, I even think he may be physically abusive to her but she won’t admit it .
Any advice please .

That is all a criminal offence now.

Hi Barbara,

Welcome to the forum.

You must be very worried about her.

Albert is right. There are laws to protect people against domestic abuse and violence. You should involve the police.


0808 2000 247 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is lots of help out there but you mum will need to want to help herself.

Just make sure she has some where to go to in an emergency!!