Help please ;

Hi , i,'ve recently become unfit for work and my 17 year-old daughter has had to finish collage to care for me, i claimed carers for her £66.15 per week , is there anything else we or her can claim as always worked so s bit rusty at this and computer,s.
Any genuine advise will be very much appreciated :exploding_head::+1:

Hi Lee.

Ideal time for that benefits / allowances m.o.t. ?

An online benefits calculator for precisely that purpose :

In old money benefits or under Universal Credit.

Potential council Tax disregard / discount revealed ?

Once you have crunched some numbers , feel free to bounce the results off us.

( If your daughter is claiming Carers Allowance , you must be in receipt of , at least , one qualifying
benefit … either DLA or PIP ? )

Out of curiosity , housing … owner occupier / tenant … if the latter , social or b.t.l. ?

Hi Lee, welcome to the forum.

PLEASE don’t make your daughter miss out on college to care for you, she will regret it forever.

Tell us what is the matter with you at the moment, and we’ll find other ways of you getting the care that you need.

You need a Need Assessment for both of you which Social Services usual complete. If this had been done your daughter could and should still attend college.

You both need space away from each other throughout part of a day. This gives you both your own space.

An assessment with cover the fact some form of care for you. So you daughter can retain as much of her own life as possible.

Regardless of how much you both care for each other. And want to do your best. You must retain Independence in you own right.