Using a Direct Payment for a lift?

Anyone been down this road looking to get a lift installed its not the one on the side of the stairs its the wheelchair one for a non wheelchair user. Its one like this. Stiltz Home Lifts Customers on TV - YouTube

Can you go ahead and purchase under DP and if they come back with anything you can show them receipts or is it best to notify them I expect hostility and difficulty as the social work refused us a stair lift due to more than 1 person in the house, which is a risk if a fire happen.

Have you already explored the Disabled Facilities option? Not sure if it would apply in this instance.
Alternatively, try the Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Fund. They helped someone I know with other things, a long time ago.

No, i havent. thanks for mentioning it.

I just got quoted £16K minimum (subject to a survey) to supply and fit a lift thats the cheapest one.

Gosh, that is a HUGE amount!

Apparantly thats cheap ive been told average is around £23-£25K i guess nowadays people take the piss out of you. When in fact its 2-3 days labour average is £160 in the Uk per day £500 for labour and £2500 for parts so what am i paying £20,000 for a 10 year maintence and product gurantee? I would rather buy and install 6-7 new lifts brand new!

After I was disabled in a car accident, we converted our garage into a bedroom for me, with en suite.
Having been quoted about £20,000 for a bathroom just over 2 metres square, I simply had it all done myself. Tiler, plumber, and son. Total cost about £1,000 in total!

Have you looked for a second hand company?
Advertised that you want a stairlift locally?

Got ripped off by bathroom merchants first they said its only £83 per month for 6 years intrest free then after getting a survey done they said the cost would be £6.2K for a 4 square meter bathroom, then another sub contract company actually done the job (they took 2 months rather then stated 2 weeks max due to covid they said) then sent me another bill for extra work and then sent me a final bill which I am disputing as I have already paid it to the company I signed the contract with.

That’s absolutely correct. I’d send all correspondence back to them, telling them that their contract is with the first company, not you. If they are still difficult, then ask them to provide you with a signed contract with you - which of course they won’t be able to provide!

They have now threatned me with collection agents and debt collectors!

No debt collectors have came to my door or even bothered posting a letter.

Check your local council’s website for Trading Standards. You need advice from them.