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First post looking for advice on my situation

Hi All

Currently caring and living with my 79 year old aunt who has 2nd stage dementia diagnosis was roughly 24 months ago but she was showing signs of dementia well before diagnosis. Anyway I live in Glasgow and my 4 times daily care plan was completely wiped in March due to COVID 19. I wasn’t told about care stopping by management and was only informed by a family member who took call from social to inform my aunts care would stop. I knew nothing about right to appeal and was on the understanding careplan during COVID 19 was for critical and end of life patients. I have worked all through the pandemic albeit sometimes only 3 or 4 days per week instead of 5 for 11 hrs a day I would be out the house . I got some help from neighbour to wash a cook a lunch for my aunt while I worked. I done the rest for the days I wasn’t working.This lasted for 11 or so weeks before I was at breaking point as she had been wandering a few times while I was at work so I called social care and said I needed some help and they agreed to provide me with 2 visits morning and lunch on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday while I worked.The care plan started at beginning of June and lasted 1 day as my aunt has a fall and blackout in the house and was admitted to hospital for 7 days. Whilst in hospital the nurses and rehabilitation staff were excellent and contact me daily to update me and find out the needs of my aunt and me in terms of careplan ect.I told them I was struggling and needed a lot more help and they agreed to return it too 4 x daily visits 7 days a week (PRE Covid19 careplan).She was released last Monday with her full careplan returned as agreed with hospital and social care.I then take a call from social care management on Thursday saying they want to reduce my aunts care plan too 2 daily visits as she no longer receives medication at lunch and tea time I was given the reasoning as they don’t provide care for meal prep and welfare reasons anymore. I have to phone back on Monday and tell her if I accept it or not or she will introduce the new care plan on Monday regardless she has offered me a morning and bedtime care call along with a hot meals lunch services which I need to pay for. I have been in contact with her GP and the hospital who released her last week and am waiting on them getting back to me Monday. I am looking for advice as I aren’t prepared to accept any less than 4 daily visits per and feel disgusted by the gun they are trying to hold to my head.

You need to make a compliant through the services complaints procedures. If you have already done this next step could be …

It’s very difficult at the moment due to the virus.

You could also speak to your local MP.

All services are being reduced. Everyone has to fight their corner etc.

Be sure to get the full name of the SSD manager and report her to the social workers governing body, as sh e appears to have an urgent need for further training. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you ever financially responsible for anyone else! Make a formal complaint to the hospital and ask for her to be readmitted until such time as they can arrange appropriate care as this was an unsafe discharge.

Sorry I maybe worded that wrong my aunt would have to pay for her hot meals service at lunch,the money ain’t an issue it’s the level and quality of care I am disgusted at. Firstly why agree to a current careplan with NHS only for 3 days then say they can’t offer that level of careplan anymore.Seconded my aunt has a laceration on her leg from her fall that will require a district nurse to attend to treat her leg for the next month or so. I feel it’s bordering on neglect now and have tonight emailed my local mp to highlight my issues.