Advice needed for bed sore prevention

Hi everyone!
I went to see a care home for a family member who has a history of developing bed sores. The care home had a schedule for turning patients every 2 hours to prevent bedsores developing. I’ve got a worry that this might not be frequent enough for my family member who’s high risk for bed sores. Do other care homes adjust the repositioning frequency depending on how likely the resident is for getting sores? Also would anyone be able to tell me from experience how well those 2 hour turning are followed? Are bedsores the priority or would carers sometimes be late because they’re doing other things.
Many thanks!

Do they have air mattresses?

Do they make sure that the bottom bedsheet is relatively crease-free? Bed attire too, as much as possible.
If they are turning people, to they pull the bed linen and bed attire down straight?