Advice in a tricky spot

Hi all. Currently I get income support and carers allowance. However my mum has made me homeless now.

Citzens advice said I could still claim carers for a few weeks it would be classed as a break from caring. But didn’t mention about the income support. Should I ring up and cancel that as soon as possible?

Also as I’m homeless I’m staying at my girlfriends place until I can get all this sorted out and a place of my own.

However she gets working tax credit and half her rent is paid for. I’m wondering how long I can stay here before she would have to say I’m staying there?

I don’t want to move in with her and will be out as soon as I get my own place.

Does anyone have any advice on this?

I’m from Northern Ireland. Thanks

Hi & welcome Neil

Sorry to hear you are in such a position. Glad you girlfriend has been able to help you.
Shelter are the go to charity re: homelessness.

Any change of circumstances re: benefits should be report a.s.a.p.