Adult son with severe depression-Help

Hi, I’m a 61 yo male caring for my son who is 28. He has really bad depression to the point of potential suicide. I have been a single parent since he was 10. I work full time so find it hard to manage as I have to cook etc for him, he lives near me but not with me. I’m not sure what sort of help/advice I’m looking for but any would be most welcome!

Hello Damien

Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting about your situation. It sounds as though you have been having a difficult time with looking after your son recently and we have sent you an email with some suggested sources of support.

If you require any further advice about your caring situation please email

You would also be welcome to join one of our weekly Care for a Cuppa sessions to connect with other carers who understand the ups and downs of looking after someone. See to register to attend.

With good wishes