Mums mental health

Hi sorry for another post, I am at wits end now with my mum. The last couple of days she has been on a spree of posting things online about her mental health. She does this often, people are really getting fed up of it all now and she has just dug herself a hole and people are on her really digging into her for her actions. She’s threatening to harm herself and keeps refusing to listen to people, she is also getting very agressive towards them. People are offering her empathy with statements such as “I lost my sister.” Her responses are “well it’s not a partner is it.”

I keep calling safeguarding but they won’t do anything, I don’t know what their job is because they never seem to accept anything I say. Looks like she didn’t get the help from 111 either.

Ive screenshot all the statuses and comments, and I will be sending them to every email address going within her social services department. I have 30 screenshots of things said in just the past two days. But they keep saying she has capacity.

“Capacity” is just another excuse. I don’t want you to get drawn into her spider’s web again. Is she doing this on Facebook? I wonder if anyone here knows how to get someone removed for their own good?

Yeah she is. She is showing signs of distress but is taking to Facebook to talk about it. People aren’t so nice as you can imagine.

I have collected all the stuff said and have sent it to social services. They have to intervene for her welfare

She needs her Facebook account on the highest privacy settings so only a limited number of people can see her posts.

I was able to get my late father taken into hospital but it was a long and difficult route and I had his GP on side. I had written to the Surgery several times saying that they had a ‘duty of care’ and yes, legal action was indicated. It was horrific frankly. The ambulance service were ambivalent about taking him into hospital as he had ‘capacity’ and the GP ended up injecting him with something. But he was not eating or drinking, sending the carers away and the GP felt it was only a matter of time before someone found him in bed in a very bad way, as in suffering and he did tell me that he did not think my late father;s death would be painless or pleasant. So all I can say is copy everything and if you write, make sure you send special delivery. It MAY be worth contacting CAB and seeing if you can talk to a solicitor who specialises in things like this - \you will hopefully get half a hour free. My late father’s GP had known him over 20 years , and he did say that my letters caused a huge amount of discussion in the Surgery as it was a mega difficult case when it comes to ‘mental capacity’. So yes, BB whilst I accept this is often used as an excuse, I do feel some sympathy for the GP and staff at the Surgery in cases like these.