A new late joiner

Hi, I am new to the forum and just learning how to use it.
I cared for my mother intensely for 3 years (and more casually for quite some time leading up to that period), and she died in her home 6 years ago. She suffered from early stages of dementia, and kept almost dying but then recovering at a less able level. She had carers 4 times a day with whom I was in constant contact and I spent 3 hours every morning with her.
Although an ex-carer I might be able to contribute something to the discussion.
It would be great to hear from others who have had similar experiences.
Thanks, JojoS.

Hello Jojo and welcome to the forum :smiley:

As an ex-Carer I am sure you will have some valuable experience and advice to offer ! Please feel free to join in with any of the discussions currently taking place or, if you have some useful information on coping with a parent with Dementia then lots of our members will be pleased to hear from you in the Dementia section (under Specific Conditions further down the main Index).