Help please re dad respite

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I’m brand new here so forgive me if this is the incorrect place to ask this question.

My 84 year old dad looks after my step mum who has severe Alzheimer’s and until recently has coped alone! We realised last year it was all getting a bit much for him although he is in fine health generally. So after a stint in hospital for my step mum we approached social services about getting a care package in place, which has been going quite well. Dad pays towards the service due to their savings and pensions and 4 months ago was granted 2 weekly restbite sessions of 4 hours for him to have a little break, 2 afternoons a week.
The problem is care company keep cancelling his restbite with less than 24 hours notice due to the fact they are short staffed. My dad is the most reasonable man going & hates telling them how disappointed he is. Last week he had arranged a meal with his other brother who travelled down 25 miles and now this evening they have phoned him after he has made arrangements to meet his ex service friends tomorrow, he is bitterly disappointed.
I work full time & help where I can but I’m home sick this week with chest infection so don’t want to pass it on to step mum as I’m quite rough & he doesn’t have anyone else. I phoned to complain but they said there is nobody to help me until Monday.
Can I speak to social services about this. Hope I’m in the right place for some answers, I would be most grateful. Thank you sue

Definitely speak to social services about it. They arranged the contract and remain responsible for it. They may try to wriggle and put you off but remain firm and demand a different care company who can provide the service that is needed

Hi Sue … welcome to the canteen.

One thought … CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare / NHS Nursing Funded Care ?

Considered ? Offered ? Even mentioned ? Applied for but rejected ?

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Worth exploring given your step mother’s condition.

In short … if you don’t ask , you don’t get !

When I used to care for Dad I had weekly respite and if the sitting service couldn’t provide a sitter I would try to rebook it at an alternative time. I think from memory my local authority gave me an allowance of about 30 hours respite in a 3 month block which was on average 2 hours a week. If they missed a week I always contacted the care agency direct and also the local authority who funded the package to let them know the last visit hadn’t happened and I had rebooked it.