A Big Worry

This Corona virus is a big worry.
Personally I am not so worried catching it, rather than what will be done to me or my partner.

Daft as it sounds, anyone could be carted into hospital and the doors closed to outside visitors. Having someone ill and probably not in a fit state of talking plus not being able to visit is inhuman.

A dare not think that my girlfriend could disappear for a few weeks and not to actually see how she is?

Selfish a sit seems our pets could die and being left with a disease to fend for yourself in case of having caught it, is unthinkable
My mother could be left in the hands of the care workers and not being able to check up on them could leave her hospitalised and near death as before.

George .

this pandemic is causing many people a lot of worry and anxiety. I think the worry for those caring for someone is even worse. Try and limit how much you read/watch on TV about Covid.

There is some information here about tackling Covid related anxietyhttps://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/coronavirus-covid-19-anxiety-tips/

I haven’t had time to read them myself, but once S is tucked up in bed I think I will.


I probably mentioned this before but in case I did not, I am also a parapsychologist and psychic.
Slightly meandering off the subject here and I am saying this because It is going to be a great amount of relief for those who had lost loved ones.

There is no death and we never lose our loved ones. I speak to the dead almost daily. To me, it is just a way of life.(or death)
Moving forward to this Corona virus, before anyone asks…no I did not see it coming. In our profession we are still labelled as cranks. There is one thing that we generally do share with most and that is ethics and the God factor.

This virus is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ and personally I do not believe that we are ever going to get rid of it. Most in my kind of work do not fear death. I am afraid I do! I fear the suffering and the loss. What I am also going to say, is that I do not love the world-I pity it!

I pity the greed, evil, hate and ignorance of it. That does not make me a better person-wiser perhaps.

The world I see it is dying and that is why I pity it. I pity the love, life and ignorance that had caused this virus to spring up.

This virus is nothing compared to what is to come and this is not the forum to discuss it. What I am discussing here is the Corona virus.
Readers may not understand what I am going to say, but I am going to say it anyway.
If I had a choice I would stop it today… but I can’t.

One reason would be based of my selfish attitude because I fear it. I fear it because I love my life.

If I could stop it, I would then take the whole karmic world debt on my shoulders.

I am 69 years old and have been fortunate to see what most would not even imagine a thousand years from having stood in God’s light.

Another thing to understand is that there is no such thing as coincidence. Do not believe for one moment that you had been a victim of circumstances. Everything is planned, but do not think you are immune. Our pathways are planned before we were born. Follow the path my guides would always tell me. Most wonder off the path because they do not have the gift of vision, so inner voices will not have an affect.
If I sound that I am preaching, sorry for feeling sure of myself.

No doubt many on this site will be of a similar age to myself. If it is any consolation, we have seen the best of this world as greater pity I have for the younger generation.
My life has been fortunate because I felt the world’s freedom.
Now I see dark skies, sorrows, tears and suffering.
I quote the words of Moses: “Close the door Joshua and let death pass”