Re: coronovirus and care homes

Hey peeps

My mum been in care home since Aug.

Been told only essential visits (which kind of means no visits for me) as coronavirus will ‘kill patients’ in EMI unit.

Overreaxtion or not?!

I’m sure you would wish you mum to be as safe as possible. Is there anyway of keeping contact by other means. Or is mum’s health not up to that.

Let’s look at it another way: if all flights in and out of China had been stopped as soon as the problem was known, would so many people around the world be infected now?

OK, so the Genie is already out of the bottle, but there’s no need to feed the Genie.

I think this has been a common response, G Fraser. I have heard about quite a few care homes doing this. Once Corovirus is in a care home, I suspect it would be difficult to contain and all the residents are in the ‘vulnerable’ group so more likely to have complications. Plus, if staff caught it, that would have massive implications too. Can you Skype/facetime/phone instead.


G Frazer
I definitely understand your despair. The novovirus caused the lockdown to visitors to my late hubby’s nursing home. Was a very anxious time. However, it was sensible. Too risky for him and myself, other residents, and staff… Sadly he did get it, which worried me even more. Not nearly as bad as this coronavirus. Best not to take chances, for every ones sake.

My 90 year old mother is now in a care home due to mobility problems. They have stopped all external visits so arranged activities are also having to be internally organised. As mum has very reduced vision due to ARMD and her hearing not great I’m thinking of writing letters regularly and asking carers to read them to her.

Maybe all those cut off in care homes could be sent a weekly video of their family
so they can watch it on the home’s TVs.

mum’s care home is currently allowing immediate family members only to visit. You have to sanitise entering and leaving, complete questionnaire about health, travel etc and have temperature taken. Go straight to Mum’s room and not mix with anybody else. She is nearly 96 and has Alzheimers as well as other health issues but would go nuts if she doesn’t see me for a few days.

Is understandable what the care homes are doing but must be so lonely for residents and(sometimes)their families,especially with it coming up to easter which is a family time.

I checked the website to see if the place I was living had done the same as some of the other homes and they are indeed closed to visitors.I am really glad am not in a care home now as wouldn’t like the isolation.It was hard enough being in that place let alone getting cabin fever to boot:)