1 or 2 carers

Hi all,
My mum has mixed dementia and has just been discharged from hospital, it was recommended that she had two carers, however, her care provider recommended a single carer.
First day and the carer hurts her back!
Meeting with Social Services tomorrow, how do I get two carers to help with my mum?
Social Services want one carer because my mum is weight bearing.
Thanks Angela

Hi Angela.

On discharge , what did the care plan have to say for itself ?
Being discharged from hospital - NHS

What’s meant by minimal or complex discharge?

If the discharge assessment shows you’ll need little or no care, it’s called a minimal discharge.

If you need more specialised care after leaving hospital, your discharge or transfer procedure is referred to as a complex discharge.

If you need this type of care, you’ll receive a care plan detailing your health and social care needs.

You should be fully involved in this process.

A care plan should include details of:

the treatment and support you’ll get when discharged.
who will be responsible for providing support and how to contact them.
when and how often support will be provided.
how the support will be monitored and reviewed.
the name of the person co-ordinating the care plan.
who to contact if there’s an emergency or things do not work as they should.
information about any charges that will need to be paid (if applicable).

Find out more about care and support plans

You’ll also be given a letter for your GP, providing information about your treatment and future care needs.

Give this letter to your GP as soon as possible.

1 or 2 carers needed … what does it say ???

No care plan.

Get onto your local SS … it is for them to sort out … Health & Safety ???

"What’s meant by minimal or complex discharge?

If the discharge assessment shows you’ll need little or no care, it’s called a minimal discharge."

And if you are discharged from hospital during the night ,it is known as a nocturnal discharge :laughing: :laughing:

Sorry about that ,it was from the 80s TV programme "Brass "

You are not responsible if the carer has hurt their back.

If the care plan has been change without notification… further assessments etc

Should you mother suffer an injury due to unsafe procedures. The company providing the care are totally responsible.

I would take that line of questioning. You would be surprise how quick things will fall back in to place.

If two carers were recommended by the hospital, one carer provided who hurt her back, she has a good claim against her employer for negligence!! Duty of care, breach of that duty, resultant damage. All three criteria met!

NOT your fault, employers/SSD’s fault.

Thank you for all the replies.

I am a bit new to all this…Social worker called today saying mum might have to go back into hospital, due to a ‘wrong discharge’. A carer (one again) has been arranged for tonight and tomorrow morning.

Emergency meeting tomorrow with Social worker.

My mum is physically fit and strong, but has very little mental capacity (no communication, double incontinence and needs help with most daily activities) I will re-check if she has a care plan tomorrow, as far as I know she has not been given one.

The link posted earlier is to the bible on hospital discharges.

_( https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/hospitals/being-discharged-from-hospital/_ )

In short , by the book or … NO DISCHARGE !

I think if the caree is not weight bearing, two carers are required, but you can be weight bearing and still two carers are necessary.

If only one carer shows up and asks you to help, don’t do it!

It should say on the hospital discharge papers the care needed.

Thank you for all your help.

Social Services were brilliant today and have arranged two carers, three times a day.

The hospital did discharge my mum with no care plan in the Discharge Notification, after treating her for three weeks with sepsis.

My lesson to myself is to get everything in writing and double check it :unamused:

As mum has dementia, be sure to check whether or not she is still paying Council Tax. She is now exempt, due to “Severe Mental Impairment” backdateable to the day of diagnosis.