Hospital discharge guidance

I am looking after my caree , who has been in and out of hospital although I am listed as next of kin, there seems to be a complete lack of information to me the unpaid carer.

The nurses never explain what is going on , when I ask my caree why are you on a drip, often she doesn’t know either, the nurses said I needed to be on a drip.

Surely if I am caring for my caree when they get discharged I should know what is going on medically, what is wrong.
And a carers assessment, we the hospital don’t do carers assessments that’s the council do them.

But surely the hospital should arrange a carers assessment as part of the discharge plan? no that’s nothing to do with us.
And aftercare who to contact if things go wrong, contact social services but if they have just been discharged from hospital, then it should be the hospital you contact, no nothing to do with us.

And what about why they have been in hospital, our area has a scheme to stop elderly etc ending up in hospital, a community care team, no that’s nothing to do with us either contact social services.
But its the hospital who is organising this whole scheme , I went to an open day about it.

No one seems to have a clue what is going on, do these nurses live on Mars or something?

Look no further … the BIBLE :

Being discharged from hospital - NHS

A blueprint for ALL concerned … hospital / LA / carer and patient.
As for the NHS / LA relationship in the REAL world , recent thread goes way beyond merely dementia :

In essence … a breakdown in the production line … between the NHS and social care.

Two different systems … for the same patient ???

As echoed throughout the main GREEN PAPER , SOCIAL CARE thread … the problem will only get worse UNTIL both the ugly
twin sisters are reunited … under one organisation … and funded through general taxation.


how frustrating.

Carers Uk have information on hospital discharge too Coming out of hospital | Carers UK.

Members on here who have been in the same position as you would advice you to not accept your caree at home until all the processes have been followed - if that means making sure they haven’t a key and making sure you are out/away (pretending to be as I know you have other carees) from home so they can’t be let in - then so be it.

PALS at the hospital might be able to help, if not then will your caree give permission for you to talk with the doctor and hospital social worker on their behalf? If you get nowhere, you will need to make a formal complaint. Sorry you having more hassle, you have enough to deal with already.