Younger sibling just being sectioned - Im struggling

Hi, I just joined the forum for the first time. My name is Kaylee im 29 years old and I have been supporting my youngest sister for the past 2 years with her depression along side my family. Unfortunately things have taken a turn and she was sectioned under mental health act 4 days ago.

Im struggling to know what to do to cope, and also on finding people that understand how it feels when this happens to someone you love. They currently just informed us that they have a Corona Outbreak on the ward so now I may not even be able to visit. Im waiting to hear on this.

Any support, things that could help me and my family? services i could look for help with and so on would be handy. live in london .

Thank you

Hi & welcome Kaylee

Sorry to hear of your sister problems and issues raised for your family.

Are you saying your sister is in a hospital ward and there is an out break of Covid.

At the hospital there should be a dept called PALS.

Has your sister access to a mobile phone.

Are you aware of …

Good morning Kaylee

Thanks for your PM message. You can post any follow up questions here. But if you prefer you can just PM people.

Yes, I would speak with PALS at the hospital. The dept will know how things are working on your sisters ward. Try and set up a more direct means of communication. As you know and can imagine things are very hectic on hospital wards. The more self sufficient as family member we can be the better.

I know my local hospital PALS have a system in place for families and contact. They take in certain goods/items and delivery to the wards. There is also a dedicated email for families.

If you feel your sister could do with an advocate speak to PALS.


This must be a very worrying time for you and your family.

You might find the following links helpful;

Support Groups (these may well be happening virtually at the moment)


Thank you all! I will contact PALS now. My sister does have access to her mobile phone, but she is too unwell to call/respond with it at the moment without help it seems.

How do we make a more direct contact with someone on the ward do you feel? We were told she has a primary nurse but this nurse has never called us and every time we go visit is never there and no one can help.


Ask PALS to sort out the communication with the Primary Nurse.