Worried about home visit

Hi everyone,

My caree’s had an essential piece of equipment breakdown today, and it’s absolutely vital that it’s repaired ASAP because it’s unsafe right now. So a repair man is calling tomorrow with an eye to visit in the PM, and we are both extremely concerned about the risks. His company claim he’ll be in full PPE, but he will be the first visitor to my caree’s home since March and we are both very concerned about the risks of him bringing in the virus. There’s obviously no guarantees the masks they’re wearing will actually be the proper kit and the tiniest of risks is potentially life and death for my caree! (Me too for that matter because I’m on the at risk list!)

Has anyone had any experience of having to have work men etc in while shielding? Are there any confirmed facts on how long the virus could linger in the air?

My caree lives downstairs and the equipment cannot be moved outside for repair or anything like that, so there’s no way of getting around the guy coming inside.

We’ve considered opening doors/windows etc to ventilate but are concerned that’ll spread any droplets further. I’ve read the virus can stay in the air for up to three hours in controlled circumstances but short of leaving the house for three hours and returning I’m really not sure what we can do to get the risk down to near zero.

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the air as virus free as possible when strangers have to enter your home?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Trying not to freak out about the risks. :confused:

I was in the same position as you.

My husband had to have is community bed serviced. And if we didn’t let him in the equipment would be taken away. As the company would not deem it safe without a service. PAT test etc.

I have to say it went very well. The engineer was more worried than we were. And he checked we didn’t have Covid-19 before he entered. He was in and out in less than 10 minutes. He worn all the PPE including a visor. We also wore face masks.

We were never in the room with him. I then anti bac the whole of the bed and mattress. Windows were left opened. The engineer didn’t touch anything other than the equipemnt.

Last week I had another engineer for a service to a powered door. He also checked had we Covid-19. I said only if you have it.
I think you will find the contractors are just as concern as we are.

Coronaviruses can be spread when people with the virus have close, sustained contact with people who are not infected. This typically means spending more than 15 minutes within two metres of an infected person, such as talking to someone for instance.

You could also stipulate that a contractor/engineer spends only 15 mins in the room. Ask him to leave and come back in.

Carers were I live follow his rule. If a task takes more than 15 mins to complete. They leave the task safety and if necessary return after 5 minutes to continue/complete the task. It seems to work and all are usually happy.

Thanks for the reassurance. The 15 minute idea is a good one, I will make sure that happens. :slight_smile: