Women driven to the brink article

But it’s not just women, I am a male unpaid carer.

London bound

Article is spot on.

My hubby lacks sleep and doesn’t eat properly or look after himself

I gave up my job to care.

This article highlights dementia. I would say there is a lack of provision for autism too.

Lack of this has meant no breaks or respite for us before Corona as well.

As a parent of someone with brain damage, I’ve never felt that I was in any way appreciated, yet I’ve saved the state a fortune in past years.


It’s an old article from September 2019 - I can’t see the situation getting better.

For those men who care - the stresses need acknowledging and highlighting too.

Cloudygal I agree - re not enough support or understanding of what it is like caring for someone with autism. Same for mental health and other conditions too.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesman said: 'We are working to support unpaid carers by helping them to stay in or find employment > and ensuring they have access to paid breaks or respite care> .




On paper quite possibly…

Reality another matter.

I wrote to our MP recently. He is under the distinct impression that since changes in legislation…i.e. the care act 2014 etc things have improved for carers …

He just cannot or will not take on board they have not.

I cared for my friend until the end, all the paid care staff, knew what was going on, not one of them said or mentioned about a break for me or respite, a weekend off, I didn’t get nothing.
I still don’t know how to get a break?

And the MP, the Care Act looks good on paper, choice and control, but in the real world I haven’t seen any difference, honestly if anything the care system is worse.
I haven’t seen anyone who has got more help/is getting the right help, I don’t know anyone who has got one of these paid breaks/respite either.