Research Report: Cycles of caring

Today we are launching a new research report, Cycles of caring: transitions in and out of unpaid care, in collaboration with the Centre for Care at the University of Sheffield.

Read report:,843JH,9AZULP,X7W68,1

The research, which is based on data from 2010-2020, found that:

• 4.3m people became unpaid carers every year – that’s 12,000 people a day.
• More than 4m people leave their unpaid caring roles every year.
• These transitions are not experienced by people equally, with women more likely to provide unpaid care and to provide more hours of care than men.
• More than 1.9m people in paid employment became carers every year.
• Older workers are most likely to take on caring responsibilities: people aged 46-65 were the largest age group to become unpaid care (41%).

We make a number of recommendations in the report, including calling on UK Government to launch a funded National Carers Strategy for England, introduce awareness-raising campaigns and to introduce a strategic approach to identifying carers, so that everyone providing unpaid care has early access to information and support.

What about the right to time off, to recuperate mentally and physically?
The RIGHT to see a GP when needed?

These are my concerns. I hope the entire report benefits the unpaid caring community. The unpaid caring community also needs time off in order to be able to carry on as normal. The final report needs to recognise that important fact as well.
The report needs to tell the full story additionally. I will sit down to read it later on after my dinner tonight. I also trust that the report talks about the importance of getting exercise and a healthy balanced diet. The report in question looks promising however.