Wife in Psychiatric Respite

My wife was due to be discharged today…after 5 weeks in this hospital. The Doctor is off sick so there are no discharges or reviews to be had. I am incredibly frustrated…My wife could leave of her own volition but says she wants to complete it properly which I understand up to a point.

This ordeal has been the most challenging time of my life. If I did not have a 3 year old to care for I dread to think what I would have done.

So the date is set for Tuesday next week now - that’s another whole week where I am struggling daily .I dont think I have the strength to continue with this. My wife has said she wants to give our marriage another shot and she loves me and misses me…So I said come home for a night or two ( the hospital encourage this) just to dip your toe so to speak…But because the Doctor went AWOL it threw her off balance and was in a state. So she declined to come back…I mean how can she miss me??

I am in a state of flux between pure rage, confusion, and hurt/upset. I don’t know what to do next…

Hi Anders,

How ridiculous that another doctor can’t do the discharges and reviews. Very disappointing for you and your little one.

Please don’t see it is as her rejection of you, she is probably nervous about being discharged now - five weeks is a long time to be in hospital and she is probably feeling quite institutionalised. She is also probably worried that if she doesn’t complete the process that support won’t be in place for her and she might have to go back.

She might be open to a home visit after she has got over the change in the plan due to the doctor being off sick.

Maybe as a compromise she could have a home visit just for an hour or two instead.