I’m a full time carer for my wife. She has had to go psychiatric hospital she’s been in 3 weeks and it looks like next week she gets discharged.

We have a 3 year old little girl. Needless to say this has put a tremendous strain on our relationship.

I’ve had our girl all the way through. This is so tough. I don’t know which way is up right now…

One minute she’s excited to be coming home then she can switch totally and be non committal.

Hi Anders,
Are the hospital talking to you about the support you will need if she comes home?

Yes I was in the review board yesterday. There are multiple agencies weighing in.

Weighing in, but helping you??

Hi Anders,

Are you worried about the affect her mother’s mental state might have on your little girl?

Does your little girl have a nursery/preschool place?


Hi sorry I forgot my password… Anyway I do have people who are coming to help out. My wife is home next week at some point,… she has made progress in the unit.

It has been the hardest time ever though…

My wife has a comprehensive care package wrapped around for when she gets home.