Why does only Scotland Carer's get Carer's support allowance

Hi new to forum
I have been caring for my partner’s father since November last yr,
All I receive is Carer’s allowance I found out over the past few weeks that Carer’s in Scotland get Carer’s support allowance twice a year,
I do the same looking after my partner’s father’s every need care wise health wise and other eg shopping dr’s appointment hospital etc.
How come we Carer’s in England don’t receive the same help because believe me it’s a struggle I help keep the government having to help care wise to look after my partner’s father.
My name is Peter.

Hi Peter yes it’s a tough gig as I’m finding out starting caring for my Dad. The Carers Supplement is only available to people living in Scotland as it’s created by the Scottish Goverment within the powers they have. Or don’t have, but get creative to get it paid. So while it seems the UK goverment is or seems to be paying benefits UK wide the Scottish Goverment are getting powers to do this for themself.