Scottish government one off payment

Hello fellow carers.
The Scottish government recently announced a one off payment solely for carers. Are CarersUK planning on lobbying MP’s & government for the same help as Scotland?.I don’t think this is fair and is certainly discriminatory against other UK carers, surely this gesture should be rolled out to other UK carers! :blush:

Hi David, Thanks for highlighting this - I’ve messaged our Policy and Campaigns team about this. Meanwhile, there is some info about the Carers UK’s Fairer for Carers campaign here: Our campaigns | Carers UK

Sadly the answer is no :worried::worried::worried:


I agree, just not good enough!


Don’t want to be a damp squib or anything but, it’s clear the Government took no notice as you wrote to them in Feb 21 asking for the same uplift that those on UC got.

That was TEN months ago!

What reply did you get?

Carers uk

I’m interested what reply did you get from the government,?

I am unsure if you saw my question

Still no answer from carers UK
I am not surprised :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello David - thanks for posting this question and apologies for taking several weeks for us to post a response. Our Policy and Public Affairs team have responded as follows:

We’re very sorry that we haven’t replied as this is something that we are continually working on. Carers UK has been campaigning for at least the same level as Scotland, preferably more, and we’ve lobbied very hard; writing to Ministers, encouraging carers to raise with their MPs, raising carers’ voices and experiences demonstrating why this is necessary. We’ve brought carers from England, Northern Ireland and Wales to express their concerns directly to Government and we’ve worked with MPs who have raised this in Parliament. We’ve also called together carers’ organisations on this, too. Disappointingly, Government has not acted to change this in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but we’re continuing to shout loudly that these changes to happen as it is unfair. This was one of our core messages as part of our State of Caring 2021 survey.

With good wishes



It’s clear Carers UK have tried hard.

With the Conservatives it’s an uphill battle