Why do we get dumped by Social Services and OT's

Not only do we get let down by the government on benefits but also by the government services that were put in place to supposedly help us. I would like to see how many others on here get the same answers and stonewalled like myself. I have been caring for my bed bound 84 yr old mother now for 8 yrs, no time off, no help, until recently when Social Services and an Occupational Therapist got involved to help get a ceiling hoist fitted and a care agency ( ohh sorry i really should have said just agency as none of them have a thimble full of care about them), well once things were set in motion and just about finished i had a reason to call the person who i was dealing with at Social Services and the OT and when i got them and tried to speak to them their reply was “sorry we have closed your case now and there is nothing we can do, you will have speak to another Social worker now and open a new case as i am on another”, passed from pilar to post, you then have to fight with another person to try and get your point across, you get to know one who knows your case and everything that is going on and then get dumped and shoved over to another who knows nothing of your case and what is going on and all of them have a different level of empathy, so you can go from a caring one to a brick wall and i feel so let down that when you get to feel like some progress you are pushed right back to the end of the queue.


It’s the same in Hampshire. One hour annual review per year, nothing resolved. Case closed. In the last 10 years I have dealt with over 30 staff. My son loves cycling, hasn’t been able to ride his bike for years as no one can agree anything!

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I totally agree with you on social services being a let down & not there to support us when we really need there help. These are the very people that are supposed to be there to protect vulnerable people & they aren’t there. My partner had a stroke nearly 2 years ago. I still don’t know who his social worker is, if he even had an allocated one. I was recently taken to A&E with chest pains. My son contacted the cares link peace of mind emergency number for help with alternative care for my partner. My son wasn’t able to stay with my partner more than a few hours, due to his own health problems. Carers link emergency contact couldn’t arrange emergency care. What do you do in these situations when you don’t have family or friends who can step in to cover your caring rolls. No information available, other than my partner having to come to hospital with me. S that really an option in an emergency. Are the paramedics allowed to ferry two people needing a stretcher. These are the difficulties we face alone because nobody that is supposed to be there to protect, in my opinion actually neglect.