Who cares for carers?

My adult son suffers with depression. He has had CBT and is currently seeing a counsellor. He has previously taken medication but I’m not sure if he still is. He doesn’t live with me and I don’t want to seem to be prying or nagging.
He has really good periods but keeps slipping back into the tearful and hopeless periods.
I’m glad he feels like he can talk to me but more and more I’m finding it hard to cope with and its affecting my mental health.
My partner doesn’t really understand and I don’t really like sharing my sons problems with him. I could really do with someone who understands

Welcome to the forums! That is a good start for both of you. Maybe try suggesting medication again- will this make a difference to him? Try also talking to his counsellor with his permission. What about a diary? All forms of mental health issues are challenging as it is. Please don’t suffer alone.
You can find a list of helplines and contact numbers on this page Mental health services - NHS