Does anyone else have a partner that will not communicate i find it so veryhard that my husband does not talk to me. It is so against his nature i find it very difficult and cry everyday because of lonliness. To know I’m not alone would help

Hello Sylvia, I have a similar problem with my husband, he has Vascular Dementia. He has very sleepy periods when he doesn’t talk at all, the last period has been going on for 10 days. Husband used to be very loud & shouting for me all the time & now I miss that so much. Husband will just stare at me. I’ve got 2 dogs & I talk to them now more than ever. Everybody needs communication. Do you have friends that you could phone & have a talk with them. Dementia is such a cruel illness, sorry I can’t offer any useful help, but I do know how you feel.
Best wishes

The Samaritans are always there for talking 116 123

And have either of you tried your local Carers Support? Ours offers get togethers, with or without caree, and always a friendly understanding voice on the phone

And of course there’s the online support and chat we can offer here. Have you had a look round and joined in the other threads? It’s not all to do with caring


What is it that is happening here? You say it’s against his nature to be so quiet, so what is changing? Is it dementia? If so, then, yes, they become far less ‘proactive’ in talking. You have to ‘talk first’ - they can’t engage any more. Eventually, sadly, they will lose the ability to speak at all - but they may still ‘take in’ what you say to them. Almost to the very end my MIL was able to hold eye contact and ‘listen’ and ‘pay attention’ to what I was saying to her. (A lot of the time, though, she simply fell asleep.)

This dreadful ‘slow withdrawal’ of dementia is very hard though - they just slowly ‘slip away’ from us, and disappear into their mental mist…so so sad.