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I live in Australia and my 87 year old Mum has currently got Shingles, early onset Dementia and Vertigo. Because she’s been so poorly my sister, who does not work has moved Mum in to hers to care for her. I rang on Mothers Day and as poor Mum sat up in bed she had a terrible Vertigo attack and I had to listen as she was violently sick and kept crying to my Sister she was going to die. I have NEVER felt so helpless in my life. My dear sister and my brother in law have taken the most amazing step of accepting they cannot let Mum go home to her own home as she keeps falling with the Vertigo. I would fly over tomorrow if it weren’t for this horrid COVID-19. I cry myself to sleep every night hoping I will get to see my dear Mum again. My question is…Is my sister entitled to claim anything as Mums carer. Up until now I don’t believe Mums been on any additional benefit because until lately has always maintained good health. Sorry for my rant but I’m racked with guilt and would just love to be able to guide my dear sister. Thank you.

Hi Ann, welcome to the forum.

Could you encourage your sister to join the forum. I suspect there are probably a few things we could help her with.

To answer your question, mum should be entitled to Attendance Allowance, this is NOT means tested.
Depending on how old your sister is, she might be entitled to Carers Allowance.
Mum will also be EXEMPT from Council Tax from the day the dementia was diagnosed. So if she was living alone, and paying CT, NOTHING would be payable, and she could claim back some money.
Does your sister manage mum’s money?
The quickest way to deal with this is for her to become mum’s DWP Appointee, which will enable her to claim all benefits on mum’s behalf. However, it won’t allow your sister access to mum’s bank accounts, unless she has Power of Attorney?

Thanks for sharing and I hope you will feel ok soon. I also live at a distance from my parent and am grounded with Covid 19 restrictions. I’m pretty new to caring for mum but a couple of things I’ve learned i thought could help reassure you. First, you are showing up by phone and that matters to your family and mum. You can rest assured understanding that she is being cared for, and you can care for her careers. Finally, don’t ignore your own signs of stress. You can’t help anyone else if you aren’t in good form yourself. Keep well and when you can travel you’ll be fit and ready for it :slight_smile:
Please don’t underestimate the impact of your actions, the littlest of things count.
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I provide tutoring and homework support via Facebook, phone, email and Skype to most of the families I work with now. Do not feel bad either. This is only temporary I know. You are doing the best you can.

I’m a newbie here too!
I’m so inspired by each of you!