Where does my Dads PEA [personal expenses allowance] go?


I wasn’t sure just where to post this question so it is here, I am hoping someone may see it.

My Dad has now become a ‘permanent’ resident ’ in his nursing home. I just received a letter from the council stating that he will now pay all of his pension [apart from half of his small private ones] towards his care.
My question is I can see he is legally allowed to keep £25.27 a week for his own personal use. I am buying all of Dad’s toiletries and extra food/ clothes etc for him, so I am doubting he will spend any of it.
Where does this money go? to his nursing home? or should it stay in his own bank account. There is nothing for him to spend his money on in the nursing home so do they just keep it if he doesn’t spend it? or should he be given it back.

If anyone could enlighten me I would be grateful. Money is now very tight as my Mum who still lives in their home has not been left with a great amount to live on. I am trying to make sure she/they get every penny back they are legally entitled to.

Thank you.

You are right to be concerned, the answer depends on a number of things.

Who is managing dad’s money? Does someone have POA, or DWP “Appointeeship”?
How is the home being paid? Has the LA done a full financial assessment?

Mum is now classed as a single person, so has she had a benefits review? Does she have a pension in her own name?

Hi BowlingBun,

Dad has had a full assessment and they are now taking all of his pension towards his care. I have POA for everything and am in the process of getting access to his bank account so I can make sure he will have enough in his account for the large amounts that will be coming out, and all of the backdated payments.

No one told me that he was supposed to have this personal amount left over and I was wondering just how this £25 a week will be managed? and by whom if he doesn’t spend anything in his nursing home.


The PEA should be used for his toiletries, extra food, birthday presents for family etc. You shouldn’t be spending any of your money on him.

I’m sorry I don’t know how it gets there but my relative in a home, his goes into his bank account but I’m not sure sure from where or how (I’m not the attorney or deputee)

In my Mum’s case (as She was LA funded) there was an assesement done, which meant Mum had to pay her state & private pension less PEA. So her pensions were paid as usual into her bank account and she was billed by LA every 4 weeks for care, so PEA is left in the account.

In my mum’s case, the nursing home didn’t want any residents to have any cash, so that no one was tempted. (This is a home costing over £1,000 a week!)
They would record any “extras” mum had, usually the daily newspaper, and at the end of the month, they would ask me (I had power of attorney) to settle the account.
The fees for the nursing home were paid by standing order/direct debit, in advance, that was a condition of the home. There was no problem getting a refund for the period after she died, by the way.
Are you living in Australia, or the UK?


Thanks for all of your answers. I am in the U.K.

I will check that Dad’s PEA is being left in his account as it should be. I was just confused as to whether the home held the amount for him.

In my Mum’s Home, she is billed for any extras and we leave a little cash for her in their safe (she is self funding however).
I don’t think Homes can take over anyone’s finances without either POA or Court of Protection agreeing