Carers Benefit, which account does it go to?

Hello all,

My sister is officially the carer for my father and my father gets £87.65 a week attendance allowance into his bank account.
I want to know if the carer money is included and part of the attendance allowance sum of £87.65? or does my sister get her carers benefit separately into her own account?

I’ve tried to ask her this before, but shes been telling me that its included in the attendance allowance sum, but I think she is lying and trying to hide. Can someone please help confirm this?

Thank you.

Carers allowance is paid into the account nominated by the person claiming it

It is not part of Attendence allowance, but someone has to be claiming attendance allowance for their carer to be able to claim carers allownce

Can I ask why this is important to you?
It sounds like you’ve only told us a tiny bit of a much larger issue.
Why is it important to you to get a truthful answer?

If you would like to tell us more about dad, how old he is, and the support he needs, we might be able to offer a few suggestions about his needs and care.

Sorry let me talk a bit more about the situation.
My dad is over 65, suffering from cancer and he is already claiming most of the benefits, sp, pc, aa, hb…
Me, my sister and dad live together both caring for my dad but my sister is the one that applied for the carer. When she applied to be a carer, she told me that her carers allowance is included in my dads attendance allowance and that it shouldn’t go to her account, however what I researched online, I don’t see this. I believe she gets the carers money in her account.

It is not that important, just want to know the truth to see if she is lying or not.

Is dad living in council or Housing Association property. Who is the tenant? Is there an opportunity for anyone to stay in the property when he isn’t living there any more? PLEASE research this sooner rather than later. You may be facing homelessness!

Succession ?

Ready … if it’s needed.