Misappropriation of funds

My father has been in a home for 11 years fully funded by the council. He died last week and to mine and my brothers shock our sister who had been dealing with the bills had taken all the pension. It’s a difficult situation because we haven’t had contact with our sister. We both presumed all our Dads pension went to the home. To our horror we found our sister had cleared out the account over the years. She didn’t have POA or any reason to take money from the account. She is now avoiding the subject of the funeral which she owns the plot! So we can’t do anything. We don’t want the money but needed it for the funeral. Any advice welcome thank you

That’s theft. Get the Police to sort it out. Also complain to the bank involved.

The council’s finance dept might also be interested in getting the money back, as yes they should have been receiving his pension towards his care home fees.
Even if she hasn’t defrauded you or Dad, she has defrauded the council

Thanks for replying. The problem lies with the fact that the home costs were fully covered by the council. The home told us the money should have just been put in an account and left there until after his death.

Go see a solicitor for advice.

If your father was LA-funded, then there should have been a financial assessment and all of his private/state pension(s) would have been taken by the LA to offset against his care home fees (leaving him c£25.00 per week “pocket money”).

Are you perhaps referring to a pension lump-sum paid out sometime in the past - and the amount of which falls below the c£14,000 which a LA-funded resident is allowed to keep? Is it this that has been “plundered” and so you now don’t have monies available for the funeral?