Where do I stand?

My best friend (not partners, just friends) whom I have been providing care for, for the last 17 nearly 18 years as a live in carer is in hospital with life threatening pneumonia and because he is to frail they have withdrawn all attempts to CPR him or further help him except using antibiotics and he is only 47 years old but the doctor said he is in a body of a 70 year old. The problem they are having at the moment is everytime they move him to change the bedsheets he has extreme neuropathic flare ups and then panic attacks and this in turn is making his oxygen levels plummet and causing him breathing distress. I was asked by his mum to look after him in 2004 and have been caring ever since. I am so scared he might die and I have been in floods of tears watching him go through this. I feel helpless that I cannot do anything but provide him support whilst he is in hospital and the nurses are grateful I am. He didn’t want me to leave last night.

My question is this what happens to me if he dies housing wise. He is the tenant and I have been put down on the housing computers as living there but I am not on the tenancy? I have been living here the whole of the last 4 years he has had this tenancy. Can I succeed his tenancy or will I be made homeless? He is an assured tenant with a housing association. The housing association did say that if he does pass away they will help me regardless.

Hello & Welcome Tom

So sorry to hear of your friends health issues and your worries. This is a quick reply and I come back later today.

Re: housing issues contact …

Are the go to Charity give them a call.

Hi Tom, sunnydisposition beat me to the Shelter bit, but I would take some comfort from the fact that the Housing Association have promised to help.

Thank you for the link. I will try and contact them tomorrow