When can we visit care homes?

Rang my Mum in her care home after lunch and she was crying and saying she wished she could run away or just be dead. She is really low today. I haven’t seen her since before lockdown. It is so upsetting for her and me and it ruined my afternoon. The carer was with her and said she is really upset today and refused lunch which I have never, ever known her do before.

I will probably ring the staff after tea tonight and see if she is more settled. They said they took her outside in the garden today and she was so upset and just cried so they brought her in again.

I am really hoping very soon I can visit her at least in the gardens there. They have had no cases of CV with any residents or staff. If people can now meet others in an open space or their garden it’s about time care homes did the same. This must be unbearable for her.

My heart really goes out to you, I can’t imagine what it must be like. I saw this coming and dragged my Mum kicking and screaming out of her home before it was to late (Was she grateful: NO)!. The good news is CV doesn’t seem to have hit your Mums home so you’ll be together soon. Chin up, happier times are ahead…

Sorry to hear you had such an upsetting day. It’s difficult to know when it will ever be safe, but it’s detrimental for residents to lose their visits. I feel almost afraid of what I will find when I see my husband again. Hopefully most residents will bounce back when visits resume.