What to expect on the first Community Mental Health visit?

I am struggling with my mum - we don’t particularly get in, I am an only child, she is widowed. She has only been out of her house for Dr and hospital appts in the last year, and has no outside space. I visit her three times a week and I don’t enjoy it, it is duty.

Due to an ongoing issue regarding her working out telephone banking and subsequently giving money away to an inappropriate person and that I’ve been in discussion with her GP about her MH for probably over a year things have come to a head, she knows I was calling the GP and is livid with me (I actually feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders). The GP is going to call her next week and is doing a Community Mental Health Team referral - can anyone tell me their experiences with these meetings? I do intend to be there for it. I am happy to have a hand in the management of her care but will not be hands on - I work full time.

The community care assessment enables social services to find out what the person’s care needs are and to decide which services could help to meet these needs. The social services department will work closely with other services, such as health services and voluntary organisations, when assessing the person’s needs.

It important you say what your own expectations are. So make a list otherwise things get missed off and go undocumented. And make sure you receive a copy.

Thank you sunnydisposition (great name!), I have looked at your links but she is having a community mental health assessment so a bit different - do you have any experience of that?

Not personally but have attended many care assessments under different umbrellas.

Basically, all assessments refer on if the assessment being held. Does not come under that particular assessment.

Hi Devon Maid, welcome to the forum. With a mental health assessment, make sure that you have a list of your mum meds, what she has been like, any question you have to ask. Make sure that they say that they are doing assessment as some of them assign to do assessments do go off track, you are not always told the out come. make a note of what is said, what is going to be done, also ask for a copy of the mental health Right for your mum. They should give you a copy as if they were giving you your right in hospital or at a police station. Don’t panic or get worried about it, make sure that if they talk to you or your mum that you are not made to feel small, stand up to them. Some of them do that, it’s not fair on any one. See if you husband or someone else in the family can be with you as well as your mum, so that if any problems arised you have got someone else that that has witness it.
hope it helps.

Hi Michael, thank you very much for replying. It’s only occurred to me today that possibly no one will tell me when the appraisal will be, as I only have poa for finance and not health and mum may conveniently forget to tell me. I won’t have any problem dealing with the team.