Not allowed to see friend, despite government lifting restri

My friend is shielding. He is vulnerable and has 24/7 care in his home. He lives alone with his care team. The government restrictions have been lifted so he can meet outside locally with 1 other household at social distance. We would both like to meet, but the care management company are not allowing it. Can they impose additional on the top restrictions not in line with the government? I understand they are treading very carefully, which is good, but I am seriously worried about his wellbeing. It feels like he is being isolated more than is necessary, because a meet can be safe within certain guidelines. He is currently not seeing anyone except care staff.

That amounts to Deprivation of Liberty!

I did think this. What can actually be done though? What is the process?

The new guidelines issued yesterday only applied to those living alone*. If your friend has live-in carers then he is not living alone.

*From 13 June, if you are a single adult household – either you live alone or only with dependent children - you can form a support bubble with one other household. This means you can see other members of your support bubble indoors and outside. You will also be able to be less than 2 metres apart and stay overnight as if you were members of the same household. Individuals who form a bubble with one household may not form a bubble with anyone else.

It is not yet possible for people who are not in support bubbles to meet inside other people’s homes - that remains against the law. This is critical to helping us control the virus and keep people safe.

This is not about the announcement yesterday on people living alone. This is about the announcement that said from 1st June those shielding in Wales are now allowed to meet another household outside and to go outside locally within 5 miles to exercise.

Given that the Welsh Government has now stated in their advice for those who are shielding that they can meet up with people from one other household out of doors and whilst maintaining social distancing I don’t see how this can be an issue or how the care providers can prevent you from meeting up with your friend. Have they given you a valid reason for not allowing you to do so?

Might be worthwhile contacting Care Inspectorate Wales. Contact details can be found at the bottom of the homepage.