What happens after caring


I would be grateful for some advice on behalf of my worried mother.

I care for my mother and receive Carers Allowance. My mother receives Attendance Allowance and has her social housing rent paid for her. This week I became legally a joint tenant

My mother is worried about my income and ability to pay rent if anything was to happen to her. I would be grateful for any information / what to do so I can ease her worried mind



Hi & welcome George

How old are you?


I am 44 and based in Scotland

Well I suppose the question is by what means would you pay the rent. Number of bedrooms? - the bedroom tax if not already applying I guess would apply. You would need to claim JSA under UC. To give you underlining access. To claim towards housing benefit.

You would get up to eight weeks still claiming carers allowance. Hopefully, this would give you time to make adjustments etc.

eight weeks
Your carer’s benefits will stop after your friend or family member’s death. If you’re getting Carer’s Allowance or Income Support for carers, you can receive them for up to eight weeks after the death of the person you were caring for.

Death of linked person
In the event of the death of a linked person (see below) housing benefit will remain at the level used to calculate the claimant’s entitlement on the day before the death occurred for 52 weeks[2] For example if the category of dwelling deemed appropriate for the claimant’s household decreases the LHA rate will remain at the rate that applied before the death for 52 weeks after the death.

The protected rate will end if there is a change of circumstances because:

the claimant moves
the claimant’s household size changes (other than as a result of the death of a linked person)
there is a death of another linked person (in which case a protected rate may apply for a further 52 weeks).
Linked person
A linked person is a:

member of the claimant’s family, ie her/his partner or dependent child/young person who is part of the claimant’s household[3]
relative of the claimant or her/his partner who lives in the same dwelling, unless the relative has a separate right to occupy the premises.

Thank you

During the 8 week period would I be able to claim housing benefit

I think I would be liable to 25% due to bedroom tax

George I would suggest making a call to Shelter UK as they are the go to on housing issues.

Because there are so many different way people share paying their rent.

Usually if someone dies and claiming housing benefit. Benefit usually start on a Monday to Sunday. So the continued payment is only the week a person died in.

I will do

Thanks again

At the moment, you have a huge asset, the house.
I know in time it must be sold, but that’s a long way into the future.
Is it in good condition, or needs work?