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Welcome to Carers Connect. We are thrilled to be up and running and to provide the forum functionality that so many Carers UK members enjoy.

One issue we are aware of is that we don’t have any posts since 04 August at the moment, unless they were pinned. We are working with our developer to address this but the holiday period may mean it takes a bit of time.

In the meantime please explore, post and let us know what you think. You can post feedback in the Site Feedback category.

All best wishes

Director of Carer Support

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Update! recent posts have been restored :relaxed:

Please can you tell me what a “One Box” is??

I’ve just looked at my member details. Am I the only one who can see them?

Hi, One Box is the term on here for posting a link with a preview.

Regarding your member details, only user name, date joined and the ‘badges’ you have earned are visible to others, unless you complete the ‘Profile’ section of your settings with additional info. Email etc is only visible to admins.

Hi Aaron, my arthritis forum has the options to like, agree and say thank you - would this be possible on here?

Melly our “like” button is the little greyed out “heart” at the bottom of the post you want to like - click on it and it turns pink :slightly_smiling_face: The Pet forum I use has a variety of “like” buttons - from a simple “like” through ‘sad’ to ‘love’ with other emotions in between .

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Edited as my post sounded rude and wasn’t meant to be


Hi Susie.
Yes thanks, I realise that’s the like button.

I don’t think I explained what I meant very well.

What I meant was, I feel that like is often not appropriate on here. I was proposing a range of options rather like your pet forum has other options.

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