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I recently joined Carers Connect, having been a UK Carers member for several years. The new forum is very like another forum - I have difficulty finding my way round that and the same is true of Carers Connect. I cannot find all the old threads I started or joined in. I did find some threads from way back, but they were shown alongside the name ‘aaron.dryden’. How did that happen? I want to go back to discussions I had about certain issues in my family and post an update, but I can’t find the threads.

By way of introduction, I am almost 74 years old, widowed in June of last year, with three offspring on the autistic spectrum, and still dealing with the administrative fallout of my husband’s passing.


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Hi Gilli,
I am an ex-carer. The forum software /website has recently been changed so it’s good that you have found your way back. aaron.dryden is managing it as far as I can tell. I should think he can help you find the threads. Probably some more savvy members will give you a better answer.


Hi Gilli,

so glad you have found us.

Quite a few of us long-term members are finding the forum is taking some getting used to.

If you click on your pink G icon (circle) in the top right corner of your screen, it will give you some options. Click on the head and shoulders image and click activity and you will see all your posts or click on the summary and scroll down and you will see your top topics.

I have contacted @aaron.dryden (who works for Carers UK and is setting up and supporting the forum) about your Update on M Thread as you have two of these but only the older one is opening.

Please ask for any help you need as we’d hate to lose you from the forum.

Hi @Gilli
Welcome back. It is strange trying to navigate the new forum. You will get there I’m sure.
Please keep in touch by this thread for the time being if you feel you can.
I’m still finding my way round.