How do I use this forum?

I posted a couple of weeks ago and received no comments I think. Site not user friendly. Please can anyone help? Would it help if I got email notifications if anyone commented on my post? It seems we don’t.

Click on this link … it will take you to your thread :

Mum 95 with longterm partner 86 double problems.

Interesting reply from BB on there.

QUICK LINKS … top left … click on … YOUR POSTS … click on … and hey presto ???

All automated WITHIN the forum … saves the avalanche of emails in one’s email box if , like me , you post on several forums ?

Hi Susan
You can get notifications of replies by clicking on your red user name tab - top right and selecting User control panel.
You will see a row of choices- select “Board Preferences” and then you can select receiving notification by email.

Depending on your screen settings, it is not always obvious you have a reply. On my laptop each message in the thread takes up a whole screen page and there can be a big white space at the bottom of your post. The replies are beneath it but you need to scroll down the page to view them.