We do it out of love!

I moved back home 3 years ago to have to suddenly care for my mother after a severe stroke at the age of 66. I carried on working and still do to pay for my own bills I had at that time, credit cards, a loan and car insurance etc. I can not work at the moment due her being in the vulnerable category due to the heart which is where they think the issue is (after many tests/visits at the hospital they are still unsure). I am now unable to pay my bills as I’m self employed taxi driver and claim carers allowance and signed up for UC for the bad months.

I have too say it sucks! I feel pushed to the side as carers have been given no information and have had no support during this situation. I have tried to prepare by writing to my creditors. Only one has come back and said my account will show holiday period information for me to accept and to keep checking online.

Stay strong and try not stress! Please believe me when I say it will be OK in the end! It will, it will! I got made redundant in the credit crunch of 2008 and lost everything. I’m still here and enjoying life the best I can yet again!


Justin, what is mum’s financial situation? Does she have over £23,000 in savings? Yes/no)
Are you an only child?

She doesn’t have savings. My father took it all in the divorce settlement many years ago.

My sister lives a fair distance from my mother and they have a family and business, I was living a mile away and had split from my partner so made sense that I went back home.

I also have to check on my nan who is still alive as my mother did that previously. She has wonderful neighbours and age connects help out with nan.

In that case you are entitled to support from Social Services. When did mum last have a Needs Assessment, and you a Carers Assessment?

My mother doesn’t want social services involved and nor do I after I endured the attitude of the woman from social services when I had one with my nan after she came out of hospital last year.

I keep reading about these assessments but the council have never mentioned it.

We are happy plodding along, although sometimes I wish I could have a week away somewhere!