We are both poorly

Me and my partner both have mental health issues I have physical issues too my partner needs help to keep on top of house chores as I can’t help at the moment please I’m desperate to help him he also suffers with colitis which exacerbates his anxiety … we need help financially to with benefits ty in advance don’t know what to do we are at the end of our tether

Hi Claire … welcome to the canteen.

First step … are you and your partner claiming all benefits / allowances out there ?

Online benefits calculator … ideal to crunch some numbers in to get a picture :


An alternative would be your local CAB.

I assume both of you not working ?

Claiming PIP … ESA ( Support group ? ) … Carers Allowance for each other ?

Universal Credit rolled out on your manor ?

Housing … if tenants , Housing Benefit / potential Council Tax discount ?

Assessments … Needs and Carers … upto date through your local LA ?

Mental health … in touch with MIND / Rethink ?

Ages … both under 65 ?

Power of Attorney … considered / in force ?

Just a few initial thoughts to start you off in the right direction.

Claire, ask Social Services for a Needs Assessment to get some help. They should do a financial assessment, and part of that should be telling you what benefits you might be eligible for.